Naloxone kits arranged on a table

Stimulus Connect 8: Harm Reduction Tools for Parents and Caregivers

December 4, 2020

There are a range of factors, and layers of overlapping oppression that can challenge parents and caregivers who use substances. This oppression may include sexism, racism, colonialism, classism and homophobia. What are some harm reduction strategies for parents or caregivers who use substances? What are the implications of professionals making assumptions about parents and other caregivers who use substances (e.g. what is the real duty to report)? How can service providers address barriers faced by caregivers accessing services? How should we manage children’s services? What do we do when there is no “best practice”? Please join us as we Connect.


  1. Stimulus Connect 4: Women, Drugs, Pregnancy and the State which includes the recording of our previous event in addition to 25 related resources, documents and media articles
  2. Journal Article: Gendered drug policy: Motherisk and the regulation of mothering in Canada, 2019
  3. Watch: Pregnancy and Substance Use Disorders: An Overview of Care Principles and Clinical Considerations, 6/18/20
  4. Mothers of children removed from their care are more likely to accidentally overdose, study shows, 11/19/20 which includes an open source link to the Journal Article: Overdose among mothers: The association between child removal and unintentional drug overdose in a longitudinal cohort of marginalised women in Canada (direct link to closed article)
  5. Program: Journey to Zero
  6. Women & Harm Reduction: WHAI is working with communities across Ontario to build capacity to respond to women’s harm reduction related needs
  7. Mothering and Opioids: Addressing Stigma and Acting Collaboratively

International Resources

  1. National Harm Reduction Coalition: Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit  website(USA)
  2. Academy of Perinatal Harm Reduction (USA)
  3. Watch: Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal: Evidence Based Best Practices, 9/13/20 (USA)
  4. Listen: Narcotica Podcast: Episode 48: Moms And Methadone, 10/1/20
  5. “Whatever they do, I’m her comfort, I’m her protector.” How the foster system
    has become ground zero for the U.S. drug war, June 2020
  6. On the A-Gender: Community Monitoring Tool for Gender-Responsive Harm Reduction Services for Women who Use Drugs, 3/17/20 (International)
  7. Addressing the specific needs of women who inject drugs: Practical guide for service providers on gender-responsive HIV services, 2016
  8. Journal Article: #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives — Addressing Physicians’ Complicity in Criminalizing Communities, 12/5/20
  9. Journal Article: Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome, November 2020 (USA)
  10. Journal Article: A qualitative study of facilitators and barriers to participate in a needle exchange program for women who inject drugs, 10/22/20 (Sweeden)
  11. Journal Article: Women and barriers to harm reduction services: a literature review and initial findings from a qualitative study in Barcelona, Spain, 10/19/20
  12. My Daughter’s Birth Exposed the Medical Community’s Anti-Drug Stigma, 10/28/20 (USA)
  13. New guidelines address rise in opioid use during pregnancy, 10/27/20
  14. Podcast: Birth Justice Podcast NYC: Sn 1 Ep 11: Pregnancy & Substance Use in NYC: An Introduction to Harm Reduction