Civil Society and advocates have developed a blue print for what needs to happen for Canada to have #DecrimDoneRight – but what we’re seeing to date doesn’t match up. Join us as we take real-world examples from Canada and learn how to avoid pitfalls and harmful narratives in the media

This session is specifically designed for advocates who speak to media, and for journalists who are interested in decriminalization reporting done right.


  1. Platform: Decriminalization Done Right: A Rights-Based Path for Drug Policy: Canada’s first civil society platform for the decriminalization of drugs developed by 21 national organizations and people at the centre of the drug poisoning/overdose crisis, December 2021
  2. Sign on: National Civil Society Decriminalization Platform Sign-On
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  4. Maps: Drug Decriminalisation Across the World 29 countries. 49 models of drug decriminalisation. One handy web-tool.
  5. Tool: Comparing models of drug decriminalisation
  6. Podcast: Crackdown
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  7. CAPUD‘s decriminalization litigation CAPUD Decrim website 
    1. Go Fund Me: Support CAPUD in its Drug Decrim Action
  8. Resource: Guidelines to prosecutors in determining the appropriate approach to the prosecution of the possession of a controlled substance contrary to s. 4(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (the “CDSA”).
  9. Resource: The Impact of Stigma and Avoiding Stigmatizing Language – Canadian Drug Policy Coalition June 29, 2022
  10. Journal Article: Too Many Hats? The Role of Police Officers in Drug Enforcement and the Community, January 2022
  11. Resource: Alternative Model to Drug Criminalization in Toronto, January 2022
  12. Manuscript: How to decriminalize drugs: the design features of a non-criminal response to the personal possession of drugs, August 2021
  13. Expert Task Force on Substance Use: Reports
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