Persistent Resistance – A Living Scrapbook

10 years of pushing back and saving lives

Harm Reduction, and the resistance to the war on drugs, takes a myriad of forms. Lifesaving Peer to Peer interventions, innovative programming,, street nursing and other healthcare services, and HR distribution form much of the back bone of how Harm Reduction is produced in Canada. Without the rallies, protests, forums and marches, however, we would quickly find ourselves without the critical expression of outrage and solidarity that has slowly but surely moved Harm Reduction ever slowly forward. Possibly unique to Harm Reduction, many of those who find themselves engaged in saving lives during the day, also find themselves at night planning the protests and the resistance to the war on drugs. We are both sides of the same coin.

The last 10 years have seen some huge gains and some very hard losses; all the while harm reductionists have persistent in pushing the conversation forward. With the grief and the losses we’ve experienced, it is critical that we take the time to reflect on our hard work and revel in the achievements of others. We recognize that our works has taken many forms, and this ‘living Scrap book’ is our collective tale of our how we have persisted, through our own grief and rage, to end senseless death and to honour those who have come before us.

Please bring what you have in your archives. This living scrap book of posters, photos, leaflets, flyers and program statements will be installed in real time on the walls of our largest room, Hall C.

For more information, please connect with Shane Calder (he/him), BSW, AIDS Vancouver Island at [email protected]