Make it Queer: Intro to Harm Reduction through a Gender and Sexual Diversity Lens

July 28, 2021

10am – noon Pacific/Yukon | 11am – 1pm Mountain | noon – 2pm Central | 1 – 3pm Eastern | 2 – 4 pm Atlantic | 2:30 – 4:30pm Newfoundland & Labrador

Pride flag

Excitingly, there has been an increase in people working to expand harm reduction programming in Canada. This Stimulus webinar is an opportunity to learn and connect on sexual and gender diverse communities and what good engagement looks like. This event will start at the basics and move deeper into the culture’s needs.

This webinar is a foundational piece for a future Stimulus Connect that will discuss the harm reduction and drug policy issues that gender and sexually diverse people face.

Bring your pronouns and join us for Make it Queer: Intro to Harm Reduction through a Gender and Sexual Diversity Lens


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